Wholesome family fun from a dad and his daughters.
Join us in our journey of delight and discovery.
Made in Manila.

Herd The Birds

Build and arrange fences to separate the different birds from each other. Raucous fun for 1-4 players!


Beautiful, delightful, devilishly tricky. An endlessly-evolving 3D puzzle.


Test and sharpen your memory as you learn about native Philippine trees!

Featuring handdrawn art by Cynthia Bauzon-Arre, in partnership with Forest Foundation Philippines.

Fishing Lake

A game of peace and quiet: Up to 5 players control fishing boats and try to catch the different fish in the lake.


  • I’ve Been Busy
    It’s been a terribly long time without updates or launches, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy! Mainly, my time has been occupied by my day job which involves a lot of numbers (financial, statistical, etc.) and some really interesting math. (At some point I may write about how I tackled a difficult workContinue reading “I’ve Been Busy”
  • Herd The Birds: Herder, Birder, Faster, Stronger
    Hatching a Huge Update The original version of Herd The Birds, released on Apple TV last November 2020, was relatively barebones. While there were different levels, there was no real progression; maps and bird combinations were served randomly. The main draw was really the challenge (and cacophony) of trying to collect wandering birds, whether aloneContinue reading “Herd The Birds: Herder, Birder, Faster, Stronger”
  • Cirqits Featured on Apple App Store
    Funny Cow Games is proud to announce that Apple’s App Store has featured Cirqits in their “New Games We Love” section! We are honored to make the list and invite everyone to download and try our handcrafted, single origin, sustainably-sourced puzzle game!