Herd The Birds, Now on iPad!

Raucous, wholesome family fun

The birds are loose! Catch all of them by building fences to keep birds of the same kind and color together. On the plains, at the form, by the lake, and along the coast, use all your wits and tactics to herd them up.

  • Encourage teamwork, strategy, and creative thinking! In fact, my children were the ones who discovered some tactics that are shared in the game, like catching individual birds of the same feather separately and then linking the rooms together.
  • 9 different kinds of birds, each with their own behaviors: from common chickens and ducks, to goofy penguins and the elusive kakapo!
  • Single-player and multiplayer options available! Up to 4 players can play on the same iPad by combining game controllers with up to 2 on-screen touch controls.
  • Featuring beautiful, ethereal music by Martin and Barbie Honasan!
  • Not in the mood to herd birds? No problem: the game is also a beautiful, relaxing toy for idle role-playing, as my daughters discovered.

This project started out as some drawings by my children, and has since turned into a full-blown collaboration across different families. From our homes to yours, we hope you enjoy this simple, wholesome, relaxing game.

For a behind-the-scenes view of the development of this release, read this blog post.


The new version of Herd The Birds is available on iPad. It was previously only an Apple TV game, which is still available, but we are working on updating the Apple TV version to the same gameplay and features as the new iPad version.

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