Herd The Birds: Herder, Birder, Faster, Stronger

Hatching a Huge Update The original version of Herd The Birds, released on Apple TV last November 2020, was relatively barebones. While there were different levels, there was no real progression; maps and bird combinations were served randomly. The main draw was really the challenge (and cacophony) of trying to collect wandering birds, whether aloneContinue reading “Herd The Birds: Herder, Birder, Faster, Stronger”

Some Articles Featuring Funny Cow Games

Just a quick update to note that we have been fortunate enough to have been picked up by some blogs and news outlets recently: Memory game teaches kids, adults about Philippine native treesPhilippine Star, April 2, 2021 ForesTree: Fulfilling a promise with a mobile memory game on native treesInqPOP by Inquirer Interactive, April 3, 2021Continue reading “Some Articles Featuring Funny Cow Games”

ForesTree: Closing the loop on Dad’s 30-year old idea

Funny Cow Games has recently released our first educational game, ForesTree, on both iOS and Android. Made in partnership with artist Cynthia Bauzon-Arre and Forest Foundation Philippines, it adopts the card-matching, memory-training game format as a tool to teach children and adults alike about trees that are native to the Philippines. Featuring Bauzon-Arre’s beautiful, hand-drawnContinue reading “ForesTree: Closing the loop on Dad’s 30-year old idea”